Wife Insurance from a Jewelry Store!


Say what?

I was shocked to see this sign on Madison’s Capitol Square last year. I think I had to pick my jaw up from the sidewalk. “People think this is an acceptable way to sell jewelry?” I thought to myself.

Then I was offended: How dare this jewelry company imply that buying a woman an expensive diamond ring Continue reading

Welcome to Mexico, Gringo


Cafe Trevi, Mexico City, 4 January 2009.

Get ready to laugh with us.

Our first night in Mexico, over four years ago, when our family landed in Mexico City after dark and made our way to the hotel, was an experience we joke about today!

First let’s set the stage: I am coming to Mexico with my family, the first time I’ve been here in 20 years. (Since a beach vacation trip with my folks and siblings–a different animal altogether.) And my wife and daughter had never been. Of course we had read all the warnings from the US State Department. Drug wars. Kidnapping. Don’t hail a taxi in the street. Don’t carry valuables. Etcetera, etcetera. Continue reading

Welcome to Enjoy and Inspire!


A view of “Tesoro” or “Chalchiteptl” from fields above the village of Tepoztlán, México.

Welcome!  I am so glad that you are here.

All the blog “experts”—and there are a LOT of them :-) —say that your blog should have FOCUS. And the narrower the better. Well, let me apologize in advance, dear reader. I don’t have a very narrow focus–at least not yet.

What DO I have? I’ve got a desire to connect with you and to build community. To share ideas and perspectives. To encourage you to share yours. And to see where it goes.

If that sounds a little vague, maybe that’s because it is. I’m also supposed to give you “something of value” so you keep coming back. Have lists of the “Top 10 Ways You Can Achieve Your Goals.” Include a “call to action” in each post.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to do those things. I don’t feel that sure about much at all at this point—Blog Launch D-Day, and all. But I am sure that I want to reach out to you, connect with you, and see what we can do!

Thanks for joining me. And I hope you Enjoy and Inspire!

Lastly, an aside. I don’t think I’m ever going to feel “ready” to launch this blog. But since today is a day of new beginnings—with the inauguration of our President–and a day of reflection and remembrance—with a national holiday in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.–it seems a fine day to take that step.

How have you been inspired today? Speak into the comment section.

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Why am I doing this blog?



Why am I doing this blog?

I’ve come to believe that community is essential. I see this blog as a way of extending my community beyond the people I get to see regularly in-person or talk with on the phone. Continue reading

Comfort versus Growth

That Sadness That Requires Solitude 

“Theres no comfort in the growth zone and there’s no growth in the comfort in the growth zone.”

A lesson I learned in my time co-facilitating a class on identity and social justice at UW-Madison. Click here for a 4-minute student-produced video on the class.

I have to say, if discomfort is a sign of growth, I haven’t been growing this much since adolescence!

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