To Get To “Can” Start With “Try”


When I was in middle school, I was invited to join a swim team at the pool where I had been taking swim lessons. I think I considered the possibility for about half-a-second, and promptly decided “I’m not interested.”

Looking back, it’s clear that I was interested. But in addition to being interested, eager, curious, excited at the possibility, intrigued Continue reading

A Tribute to Mothers–especially MY mom!

In May 2012, I celebrated Mother’s Day by sharing some words about my mom in front of a live audience at the Barrymore Theatre in Madison.

It was a thrill and an honor.

It’s called “Listen to Your Mother” and it was the third annual. The show was all about motherhood. And it was all women—except for me. Continue reading

Back to Tepoztlán

IMG 8670

A lush view of Chalchiteptl or Cerro del Tesoro.

When we arrived here, my face hurt from grinning. We were in a very real sense, home again.

After a month of non-stop travels, from city to city, hotel room to hotel room, we were back in our village. Not ours in the sense that we possess it–not in any way–but ours in the sense that we know parts of it intimately, and we belong here. Familiar faces greet us. Old friends embrace us. We walk the same cobblestones, smell the same smells, feel the warm sun.

Only this year, Continue reading

I miss you, Yvonne

I’ve been asked why I work to end violence against women. I don’t think there is only one reason. But my sister, Yvonne, and the life she lived and the life she didn’t live must be part of the “why.” Last week marked 30 years since I last had the chance to hear her voice.

I miss you, Yvonne.yvonnebike

These things don’t happen in real life.

That’s what I was thinking. This is not happening. I was maybe 13 years old. We were on our way back from a day boating with my sister and her husband. My sister, who I trusted so and who I thought of as capable. Independent. Together. Continue reading

Mexican Family Film Made in Tepoztlan

IMG_8868.JPGWe were searching for a family film (in Spanish) one night and we came across this gentle and heartfelt gem.

Now imagine our surprise when we saw our town and our mountains in it. Yes the film was made right here in Tepoztlán. And not a whole lot has changed in the 20 years since.

If you speak some Spanish, you’ll enjoy it. It’s a slow stroll through a simpler, more innocent (but adventure-filled) time. If you view it, I’d love to hear what you think.