Hello Again

Sorry to have been out of touch. No, enjoyandinspire.com emails haven’t gotten buried in your spam folder—it’s just been a while since I have written. Not since leaving Tepoztlán, México.

The household items and clothes we leave behind are loaded on Chano's truck.

The household items and clothes we leave behind are loaded on Chano’s truck.


IMG 2716
Bags are packed.

Back home now. We’ve been stateside for over four months. Back in the good old US of A. Back in our not-so-comfortable comfort-zone.

We had a lot to catch-up with upon our arrival. An arrival which was delayed by 24 hours because we were leaving Mexico illegally. (But that’s a story for another time.) Our house was being painted and we had to move everything back in. The days flew by in a blur. Lea jumped back into 4th grade for the last 10 days of school. I was immediately taking care of maintenance issues in the apartments. And Kimberly was filing paperwork with the school district. It was as if we parachuted onto the top of a moving bus (as Bond must have done that in one episode or another), and were trying to keep our balance in the wind—all whilst unpacking our luggage and reclaiming our home. (Truth is, there is still lots of things we haven’t unpacked or organized since being home.)

Those relaxed Mexican days seem so far behind us now! The school year is underway. Lea has transferred her new-found fútbol skills to the local youth soccer league. Kimberly is teaching in a new school. And everyone is busy! Busy, busy, busy. It’s the common affliction of our 21st century society.

Back in Tepoztlán, it’s general practice to stop and greet every person you meet. To talk about the weather, ask about the family, wish one another a fine day. Here, it’s a matter of saying “letscatchupsometime” to everyone we meet and hoping that we actually get the chance!

How do you manage life the busy-ness of life in early 21st century US of A? How do find time to you take care of yourself, of your family, of your community in this society where we are so busy working and “getting things done”? What have you figured out to better match your priorities with how you spend your time? And what obstacles do you face in trying to do so? I’d like to know! :-)  Share your thoughts. Please click on the title of the post above, to go to its page and post your comment.

To Get To “Can” Start With “Try”


When I was in middle school, I was invited to join a swim team at the pool where I had been taking swim lessons. I think I considered the possibility for about half-a-second, and promptly decided “I’m not interested.”

Looking back, it’s clear that I was interested. But in addition to being interested, eager, curious, excited at the possibility, intrigued Continue reading

Seeing Red at the “Madison Rising”

Thanks to Sarah White—neighbor, writing teacher, and friend—for allowing me to share this as Enjoy and Inspire’s first guest post!

Valentine’s Day 2013 saw women from around the globe take up the cause of ending sexual violence. From London to Los Angeles to Johannesburg, street exhibitions, dance performances and musical rallies were all held under the slogan “One Billion Rising.”

In Madison, Wisconsin, Sarah White participated in a flashmob at Hilldale Mall. Here is her personal account. Thanks for the inspiration, Sarah—and everyone who participated.

Congolese women cheer during the global rally "One Billion Rising", which is part of the V-Day event calling for an end to gender-based violence, in Bukavu
Hurried across town. Stuck in traffic on University Ave. a mile from Hilldale Mall, wondered if I was going to miss my 4.15 minutes of…fame? But I got there, 8 minutes to spare. Continue reading

Welcome to Enjoy and Inspire!


A view of “Tesoro” or “Chalchiteptl” from fields above the village of Tepoztlán, México.

Welcome!  I am so glad that you are here.

All the blog “experts”—and there are a LOT of them :-) —say that your blog should have FOCUS. And the narrower the better. Well, let me apologize in advance, dear reader. I don’t have a very narrow focus–at least not yet.

What DO I have? I’ve got a desire to connect with you and to build community. To share ideas and perspectives. To encourage you to share yours. And to see where it goes.

If that sounds a little vague, maybe that’s because it is. I’m also supposed to give you “something of value” so you keep coming back. Have lists of the “Top 10 Ways You Can Achieve Your Goals.” Include a “call to action” in each post.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to do those things. I don’t feel that sure about much at all at this point—Blog Launch D-Day, and all. But I am sure that I want to reach out to you, connect with you, and see what we can do!

Thanks for joining me. And I hope you Enjoy and Inspire!

Lastly, an aside. I don’t think I’m ever going to feel “ready” to launch this blog. But since today is a day of new beginnings—with the inauguration of our President–and a day of reflection and remembrance—with a national holiday in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.–it seems a fine day to take that step.

How have you been inspired today? Speak into the comment section.

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Why am I doing this blog?



Why am I doing this blog?

I’ve come to believe that community is essential. I see this blog as a way of extending my community beyond the people I get to see regularly in-person or talk with on the phone. Continue reading